I hope you get hit by the bandwagon

Fair weather fans are the bane of my existence.  And no, I’m not talking about people who love spring.

A fair weather fan is someone who only cheers for a team when they are performing well and in poor performing years won’t have anything to do with them. These fans may also only cheer for different teams that are winning in any certain year or month; see also bandwagon fan.

I am a die-hard Iowa Hawkeyes and Kansas City Chiefs fan. I was raised this way, it is part of my being.  I cannot fathom not cheering my heart out for either of them on any given Saturday or Sunday. And to see a boom in fans of any particular team that may be doing well just pisses me off.

My rage for these fans surfaced again when I saw a comment on one of my friend’s Facebook profile, “The Chiefs haven’t won enough yet for me to even buy a hat.”

I say to this when they finally do win enough, I don’t want you to buy a hat.

This fair weather agenda could be seen perfectly right here in Joplin after the St. Louis Rams won Super Bowl XXXIV in the 1999 season.  The amount of Rams apparel drastically multiplied in the local scenery during the following year.  Absolutely ridiculous.

I have personally known people who have bounced from team to team depending on who may be winning in that year.  If I am asked, this year is always the year the Hawks are going to win the BCS Championship and the Chiefs are going to win the Super Bowl.  The latter is still a true statement in my mind.

And still, even though the Hawkeyes had a poor year finishing 7-5 I still think they are the best team in college football.  And I know they will put a beating on Mizzou in the Insight Bowl.  Some would call this delusional; namely Associate Professor of Communication Kelly Larson.  (Name dropping has to be good for an ‘A’ next semester)

Now, to the Chiefs.  I’ve loved this team for as long as I can remember; through the good years of the nineties and through downright ugly years that I’ve seen most recently. Win or lose I am there cheering and giving the tomahawk chop.

To the fair weather fans I’d just like to say pick a team and stick with them.  It’s not hard.  Or better yet, get a new hobby because you are horrendous at being a fan.

And when the Chiefs win the Super Bowl this year, you’re not welcome in my team’s colors.  And I’ll be able to spot you with that brand new hat, jersey or shirt.