Don’t correct me if I’m right

Like most sane Americans, I don’t watch The View. I don’t like “talk” shows that become a daily fight club. It’s the same thing with The O’Reilly Factor, where each night, a different guest “discusses” an issue with Bill O’Reilly, and he yells at them whether they agree or not.

Maybe that’s OK with you, but not me.  However, it caught my eye the other day when ABC News posted a video clip last week of O’Reilly’s guest spot on The View. A fight broke out between O’Reilly and View cohosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg (and just between them — with those three in the same room, it’s physically impossible for anyone else to get a word in).

What happened was, O’Reilly said, “Muslims killed us [Americans] on 9/11.”

Upon hearing this news, Behar and Goldberg were so disturbed they walked off their own show. They walked off their own show.

Yes, I repeated myself. I just think it’s funny. They walked off their own show.

The problem was that O’Reilly referred to all Muslims collectively with his statement, and didn’t specify that they were “Muslim extremists.”

I understand why this would upset a Muslim, but to walk off your own television set and end a debate because someone didn’t use the correct terminology is overreacting.

This is political correctness shifting into overdrive. For one, O’Reilly didn’t say anything factually incorrect with his word choice. If you can’t have an intelligent conversation/verbal battle with someone else because they use nonpolitically correct language, you won’t get me on your side.

Second, I’m not sure when Behar started caring about offending religions. A search of “Joy Behar on religion” on Google quickly shows that she has said prayer is a “distraction,” Catholic saints are obsolete because of modern medication and Christians who believe in miracles are mentally ill.

I’m one of those Christians/Catholics/retarded people, and I should probably be a little upset about her words. But who cares what Joy Behar thinks?

The whole situation on The View is just an example of the level to which our society has elevated being “PC.”  In the past 100 years, the “word” for persons of color has shifted from “negroes” to “colored people” to “blacks” to “African Americans.” Right now, I think we’re calling them “blacks” again, but I’m not sure.

Let’s just leave it at black. I’m pretty sure they think I’m white.

I don’t care whether or not you use PC language. As long as you speak the truth, it doesn’t matter what terms you use.

Americans treated Indians (Native Americans) like crap for a couple hundred years. Anyone can say that; I’m not going to make them specify that “American frontiersman from the 1800s” treated the “Indians/Native Americans/American Indians” like “fecal matter.”

Americans did it. And it was crap.

Japanese people bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941. We don’t say “Japanese extremists.” We don’t call them “extremists of Japanese descent.”

Japanese did it. And it was crap.

I hope our country moves away from caring about what’s PC so we can just have dialogue without worrying about semantics. If I make a big deal about whether we use “your words” or “my words,” and I ignore the real issues, the debate is over before it even begins. It’s not fair to make another person use your words.

Think about it. Maybe I’m right. Maybe I’m just a jackass.

Excuse me, a jackass extremist.