Career Fair slated for Wednesday

On Wednesday, March 9, Missouri Southern will hold the annual Spring Job Fair located on the third floor of Billingsly Student Center.  All students are encouraged to attend.

“The plan is to utilize it throughout all of school,” Career Services Coordinator Lora Burch said. “A lot of freshmen think they don’t need to go, and that’s not right at all. Networking is what it’s all about, not just going and applying for a job after your education.”

The Job Fair can be useful to anyone, no matter how far along in their college career they are.  

“Freshmen should be going to learn how to handle themselves with employers,” Burch said.  “They should go with a 30 second introduction of themselves.  They should do research on employers so they can speak intelligently with them.  Sophomores and juniors should be looking for internships and starting to talk to employers about them.  Seniors of course, are looking for work.”

Students can take advantage of the contacts made at the job fair not only that day, but throughout their college education.

“Every student should go, even if you’re going to grad school (grad schools will be in attendance). Get practice talking to these employers,” Burch said.  “And then if you start as a freshman, get their business card.  And then as you have assignments or term papers, you can choose a topic so that you can contact that employer and get your name across to them one more time; and by the time you graduate they know you and want to help you find a job.”

Here are some comments from employers at past job fairs:

-Bring a résumé.

-Dress professionally.

-Be more interested in the career than the free giveaway.

-Be prepared for an interview.

-Separate from friends and classmates at the door and show employers your independence.

More helpful information can be found in a job fair guide that had been circulated throughout the buildings on campus.  You can also contact the Career Services Office on the second floor of Spiva Library in Suite 207.

A list of the employers to attend can be found on the Career Services website.