Percussion concert goes for ‘modern sound’

The Percussion Ensemble Concert will be one of many various end-of-year concerts for the Missouri Southern music department.

The percussion ensemble has decided to go for a more modern sound this year.

“This semester we decided to try and expand the horizons of the percussionist and the audience and they will hear some great pieces with some contemporary composers,” said Brian Fronzaglia, assistant music professor.

One of the pieces, “Bloom” by Mike McIntosh, was written two years ago. The piece is going to have an irregular performance that Fronzaglia hopes catches audience’s attention.

“That piece has the ensemble playing with and audio accompaniment and we have actually had one of our students on campus, Mike Sullivan, has actually put a video to this work so it’s kind of a collaboration of audio and video components,” he said. “It’s actually been a fun project to work on with a guy who’s been in a drum line for four years and it’ll be great to see how it all turns out.”

A piece called “Surface Tension” will be performed by Author Johnson and Chase Neely. The two performed the piece for their junior recitals.

“We wanted to give them an opportunity to shine, as have all the percussionists and it’s just an opportunity for them to play in front of an audience they typically wouldn’t have as soloists,” F said.

The percussion ensemble concert will be performed at 7:30 p.m. Friday in Taylor Auditorium. Admission is free.