Idols perform to aid Japan relief effort

Missouri Southern has always been proud of its international students. Friday it will applaud them.

Friday international students and international studies faculty will be putting on the first International Idol competition.

“In the past, Missouri Southern held an International Party, a community event, which consisted of a dinner and talent show with acts performed by our international students,” said Stephanie Goad, international student adviser and exchange program coordinator. “It was always the students’ night to shine, but due to funding issues, the party was discontinued.

“The International Idol competition in a way reprises the talent portion of the International Party without all the expense.”

The competition will host approximately 12 acts and feature students from 10 countries.

The event was spearheaded by international student Xi Kun, senior economics major. The event is free, but students will be taking donations that will go towards aiding those in Japan that have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

“Since I have a lot of friends in Japan and my girlfriend is Japanese, I was really shocked,” Kun said. “As an international student I felt that I should help them.

“The day the earthquake happened, I was watching the news all night with her. I was seeing the whole thing happening. What I saw on the news broke my heart. I was very depressed. I wanted to do something for Japan and that’s how I came up with everything.”

Donations will go to the Red Cross. Goad’s office in Room 337 B of Webster Hall will be taking donations for those unable to attend.

“Being a Red Cross volunteer myself, I’m elated that the students chose the Red Cross to distribute the money raised by the event,” Goad said.

The acts in the competition range from traditional dances from select countries to a cover of the classic Beatles song “Let It Be” by Kun and three other  students.  

“‘Let It Be’ is an encouraging song,” Kun said. “In my opinion ‘Let It Be’ is a song of encouragement for Japan.

“We can’t do anything to stop what has already happened, but, we can go hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder and face it.”

The International Idol competition will be held at 7 p.m. tonight in Corley Auditorium in Webster Hall.

For more information, persons may contact Goad at 625-9372.