What happened to the students

We saw signs this week for a Joplin Homeless Vigil to be held in front of McCormick Hall on Wednesday night.

Only three people showed up.

Organizers should be applauded for their efforts in creating and promoting the event. Raising awareness about the plight of the homeless is an honorable task.

We just wish more students had gotten involved.

Whatever happened to the days when colleges and universities had reputations as hotbeds of activism?

We’ve seen it on this campus fairly recently.

Students protested the University’s anti-discrimination policy with good results. It took a matter of months, but the University finally amended the policy for the better.

Students have been active in recent weeks regarding a newly-implemented building access policy.

Just last week we saw student-athletes volunteering their time at the Special Olympics at Fred G. Hughes Stadium.

But why didn’t the students show up for the homeless vigil?

It is during a college career that many people have the most time to spend volunteering and raising awareness, before a full-time job and a family become serious responsibilities.

Students should take advantage of this time in their lives to do as much good for others as they can.

The good news is organizer Kristi Dunkelberger is already talking about revamping the event for next year. Kellen Cox, one of three participants, is also working to make next year’s event better.

We wish them luck.

And we wish student activism would become as visible next time as it has in the past.