Carter ‘warns’ readers one last time


Nathan Carter

Goodbye cruel school.

By now you have probably figured out that this is a farewell column.

If you missed the clues, allow me to elaborate. 1. It’s the last issue of The Chart for the semester. 2. I am a senior. 3. The obvious introduction. 4. You may have read somebody else’s column first and recognized a trend.

If you didn’t know I was a senior, it’s all right. It isn’t your job to keep up with my scholastic endeavors. However, I want to tell everybody about my college experience.

Over the years I have been surrounded by people who relentlessly poked, prodded and teased me, but also with friends who encouraged me to write my best, get my act together and get things straight.

I’ve had a pretty tough time getting my act together too. Hard times seem to follow me, and some failures have halted my initial plans for awesomeness after graduating from this place.

Fortunately, I’ve been given a healthy outlet for my anger towards all of this over the last three years on the Opinion pages of the paper, and I have been allowed the latitude to say what I wish with little to no restraint.

But now I look forward to graduation, to leaving this place like Simba, listening to Scar’s voice echoing in my head. “Run. Run away and never return,” and I couldn’t be happier.

I had a dream to start up a music publication and branch it out to all major cities of the country. Detroit, Chicago, the Sunset Strip, etcetera. The money hasn’t come through yet, so I’m going to make it happen, just not straight out of college.

Until then, I’m graduating and going into the work force. I’m coming for a job in journalism and I will get one, so to the market, you have been warned.