WE’RE BACK: BCS comes into question


Jordan Larimore: As a fan of a team in the Big XII conference in Division-I college football, I would have loved to have seen Oklahoma State University get a chance to take on Louisiana State University in this year’s title game, but thanks to the BCS, it won’t happen. We have a boring rematch of two teams from the same conference.


Nathan Mills: I would have liked to have seen OSU face the Tigers, too. I just think it’s unfortunate that the Cowboys weren’t good enough to earn a spot in the title game. Maybe they should have player harder or, you know, beaten an Iowa State team that couldn’t beat a .500 Texas A&M team on homecoming.


‘More: I’m not saying OSU was the only choice, and certainly not that Alabama doesn’t deserve it. No one can question whether or not LSU deserves to be there; no one has beaten them. They’re easily the best team in the nation, and not even the BCS could screw them out of the No. 1 spot. 


Mills: Seems to me like you don’t really have a point, then, much like everyone else complaining about this particular BCS screw up. Seems to me that you’re just upset that one team didn’t get some opportunity that people believe they earned, when in fact three teams earned the same opportunity. These people need to quit their complaining and look at any other sport. Things happen, and teams and players get screwed out of opportunities. That’s sports. Cry about it. Babies.


‘More: All I’m saying is a playoff system would not only be way more fair, but a hell of a lot more interesting for everybody involved. Not to mention all the money could be made by a playoff system. Think about it, D-I college ball is the only sports league that uses such a system. There’s a reason everyone else uses playoffs.


Mills: D-I college football is also the only sport where the top two teams are guaranteed to end up in the championship game. Look at college baseball. Fresno State, with a losing record, went on to win a national title on a fluke in a playoff system. That would never happen in the Football Bowl Series. Instead, despite the fact that there are times when more than one team could qualify as a number two, two teams that could at least potentially be viewed as the two best end up in the title game every year. That looks like a system that works, to me.


‘More: OK, sure. It keeps “fluke” teams from winning championships. That’s essentially the only positive, and I question how much of an advantage it really can be considered. America is all about the underdog, eh? So how can you justify giving them no chance? I for one don’t like the idea of not giving the Fresno States of the world any chance at all. To me, if the teams above Fresno were that much better, they’d have beaten them and not allowed them to have a chance themselves.


Mills: You. Are. Nuts. No team with a losing record should ever make the playoffs. That’s why the entire NBA and the NFC West don’t get looked at by fans as anything more than jokes. In the words of Maurlon Bembry, “Come on, bruh.”


‘More: Now we’re arguing how to conduct a playoff system, not whether one is better than the BCS or not. To me, that proves my point. No, a losing team shouldn’t make the playoffs, but my point is you can’t handcuff the               underdogs.