Staffer sheds new light on classic princesses

Like most girls growing up, I was enthralled with Disney princess movies. However, the older I get the more I realize that these princesses aren’t the greatest of role models. Of course they all end up perfect and happy and in love in the end, but there are some major character traits that set these girls apart. I’ve also noticed that they each represent a certain  “party girl” stereotype.

Ariel: Not only is she a little mermaid princess, she is also an insecure, attention whore. She tries way too hard to impress guys and whines the entire time.

Aurora: Lovely sleeping beauty is the girl you find passed out in a closet, usually as a result of particular poison. Whether that be tequila, vodka, jello-shots, to each their own poison. In the end someone has to come to her rescue.

Belle: This girl inadvertently causes fights.  She’s the girl who either A) makes a guy – ex or current suitor – jealous by paying attention to another guy or B) gets caught making out with some guy who is not her boyfriend. Whatever the cause, everyone gets pissed and hilarity does not ensue.

Cinderella: She’s the annoying party girl. By midnight this girl is stumbling around the place losing her stuff and will most likely end up on the floor crying. She puts on the ultimate shit-show.

Jasmine: This is most likely her first party. She has had a pretty sheltered life and still doesn’t get out much, but when she does it’s like experiencing a whole new world. She is fairly naïve still and needs friends to keep her out of trouble.

Snow White: This poor girl is heading for trouble.  She sleeps in stranger’s beds and just takes things they give her, no questions asked. The girl is gonna get roofied. She needs a mom.

It’s true not all girls fall into these categories all the time, but let’s be honest; we’ve all had those few instances where these stereotypes apply. In fact, while reading this you probably thought of a friend or a random girl you saw at a party once. It happens. The goal, ladies, should be to NOT want to be these princesses anymore. It’s time to grow up.