There’s no place like Tree Hill

I’m not asking for drama, a murder mystery or a love story.

I’m just asking for the One Tree Hill cast to come to Missouri Southern.

I’ve been obsessed — literally obsessed — with One Tree Hill ever since my mom bought me the first two seasons for Christmas a few years ago.

It’s safe to say that I compare all real life situations to the ones that I watch in my favorite TV show.

I want a best friend like Peyton who is completely opposite of me yet knows me better than anyone else. Preferably, she won’t sleep with my boyfriend behind my back, though.

I want a dad like Keith; I’m willing to exchange my deadbeat father.  

I want a boyfriend — I’d even settle for a coital companion — like Nathan Scott, a guy who can conquer my heart the way he conquers the court.

Hopefully, our relationship would be as great as Nathan and Haley’s or Quinn and Clay’s.

I wouldn’t trade my mom for the world, but I’d love to have an aunt Karen.

I wish Lucas Scott were the brother I never had, because I know he’d take care of me the same way he’s always saving Peyton.

I want a professor like Coach Whitey who I could go to for advice about crucial life choices and know that person had my best interest at heart.

I want friends like Mouth and Skills who could brighten my day at the drop of a hat with their hilarious commentary of any situation.

Plus, Mouth has a knack for journalism, so we’d get along great.

I wish walking this campus felt like walking the hallways at Tree Hill High School.

Not that I know what that feels like, but I’d certainly like to.

I want a guy like Chris Keller who pushes me to do whatever it takes to accomplish my dreams. Preferably he wouldn’t try and get in between Nathan and mines relationship though.

By no means am I complaining about the life that I live, but if the people and things in my life were as deep and meaningful as they are portrayed in One Tree Hill, I’d be one happy girl.

Unfortunately, not everyone has people like the ones I’ve described surrounding them.  Perhaps, that’s why it’s only dreamed up in script.

There are 9 seasons, 174 episodes, and 7,830 minutes of One Tree Hill. You should start now.