Focusing on myself makes me think twice

I think Michael Jackson was onto something when he said it starts with the man in the mirror.

I’m going to be straight up honest — I’m that girl who mutes the TV when the sad commercials about people in third-world countries come on.

I don’t donate to a charity or organization monthly, I don’t drop off clothes to the Salvation Army regularly and I don’t stop and give to every  homeless person begging for a dollar.

Since I’m being honest, I’m that girl who silently complains to herself that she deserves what other, more fortunate people have. I’m that girl who complains about not having 10 pairs of designer jeans in her closet, about not having an iPhone and about having to pay for school rather than having daddy foot the bill.

Now, I probably sound like the most conceited girl you’ve ever known.

But to give myself some credit, I’ve had two jobs (sometimes three) ever since the summer before my junior year of high school.

I’ve paid for everything I’ve ever owned since then (including my car, my cell phone and the clothes on my back) and all at the same time trying to keep up my grades in school and work my hardest for the newspaper.

All the reasons listed above are the excuses I give myself for not being the girl who goes out of her way to help a person or people in need who have less than I do. I tell myself that I work hard for myself and that I deserve the things that I have and shouldn’t feel bad for having them.

But really, by not doing those deeds, the only person whose life I’m making a difference in or impacting is my own.

I also tell myself that I shouldn’t feel bad because I know I’m not the only person not doing any of those things I mentioned.

In fact, I’m sure most people go their entire lives without doing any of those things.

But again, by not doing those deeds, the only person whose life I’m making a difference in or impacting is my own.

I don’t want to be remembered as the girl who worked a lot.

I’d rather be remembered for making a difference or impacting someone or something in some way.

What’s the point of living if the only person you ever gave a damn about was yourself?

I’ll think I’ll take Michael Jackson’s advice and start with the man in the mirror.