Hard work proves to me that I’m good enough; every day

Lakin Adams, Managing Editor

I used to love school. 

First days were like Christmas to me.

 I couldn’t wait to organize all of my things in my newly acquired backpack. 

As much as I loved summer, year after year I eagerly awaited September. 

There was no worrying about what to do when you grew up, because as long as you had a ‘‘first’’ day of school then, you still had time to decide. 

In my senior year at Southern, something dawned on me. 

I have to grow up. 

Like legitimately grow up, and that’s scary. 

Being 23 and trying to pay for school, bills and anything else you want is hard. 

I know I’m not a kid, but once I graduate I have nobody to blame. 

If I fail out in the real world, that’s on me. 

I think the reason for the fear is being unsure about what you want to do. 

You hear your parents or friends parents complain about their jobs and how if they could do it all over again they might do things differently. 

So when you finally get to college, deciding what to do is not an easy task. 

Who wants to regret what they chose 50 years from now?

You spend four years trying to learn something you can take out to the real world, yet by the time you graduate, half of the stuff is out of date. 

So when it comes time to wear your cap and gown, you basically have a panic attack and start asking yourself if you’ve made the right decision. 

It’s honestly a huge wake-up call. 

I have doubts every day if I can do this stuff, and you know what?

Every day I prove to myself that I can. 

I think that is more important than how scared I am. 

Maybe my fear will be the motivation to get that dream job. 

You can’t focus on how scary something might be.

With all your doubts and fears, you just have to have faith that everything will be okay.

Being sad over something I thought was ending was silly. 

Nothing is ending. 

Everything is just beginning, really. You can’t over-analyze everything or doubt yourself. You just have to take a deep breath and go do it.

 No matter what, and no looks back.