Editor stresses importance of strong family bonds

I am one of three children. There is my older sister, who is seven years older than I and then there is our baby brother, who is 13 years younger than my sister. 

When we were growing up, my sister and I fought pretty much like cats and dogs. 

I followed her around constantly and wanted to do everything she did. Apparently that became annoying so I had to settle for playing with my imaginary friends. 

I knew she loved me, I was just a pesky little sister. 

Then the coolest thing in the world happened. 

My parents told us we were going to have a brother. 

I was only six and couldn’t wait to have a real live ‘baby doll’ to play with. 

Not to mention, I was happy that I got to be the cool big sister for once. 

That lasted about four years, then he discovered just how awesome our sister was. 

She was “sissy” and I was Lakin. That’s just how it was. 

It didn’t matter how much older I was than my brother or the differences we had. He’s my “bub.”

Once, he poured ice and cold water on me while I showered, yelling, “It looks like hail!” 

He has also hidden in my car for hours, all just to jump out and scare me. 

Yet when I needed help moving, he didn’t bat an eye. 

When I ran out of gas for sixth time in a row, he was there to help. 

I thank my mom for how close my siblings and I are. 

She always told us how important it was to treat each other right and look out for one another. 

The older I get, the more grateful I am to her  because I realize how important family is.

I moved out last December and currently live with my fiancé, but there are plenty of times during the day when I miss living with my family. 

Growing up is hard enough. I don’t know if I could have done it without my siblings. 

There’s a lot to be said for that. There’s a lot to be said for my mom because of that. 

I know some of you might think this is cheesy, but you know I also have a point. 

You can’t choose what family your are born to, and when you’re blessed enough to have a family that gave you a chance for a good life, you  appreciate that. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

So, thank you, Mom.