Wanted: New adventures and ideas

Gabi Markovich, Web Editor

I am not content. 

Day in and day out I go through the same routines. School, work, studying, sleep, repeat, with the occasional social outing thrown in, but that is a rarity these days. It’s dull, repetitive and it doesn’t always offer a sense of fulfillment. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this. At one point or another, many of you have thought about what it would be like to do something more, to make a change or have some sort of adventure. 

In 2006, four Canadian guys who were tired of their mundane lives decided to go on a two week, summer road trip to check things off of their list of “100 Things to do Before You Die” before they went back to college in the fall. Not only did they mark things off of their list, but with each item they checked off, they helped someone else do something as well. The Buried Life (which they named their project) documented their journey and in 2010, after teaming up with MTV, aired their first season showing the world what they were doing. 

Six years and two seasons later, The Buried Life guys still travel the world, marking things off of their list while helping other people do the same. 

Watching The Buried Life was inspiring. Here were four guys who wanted more out of life and they went after it, and this now grand project started with a small simple idea. They wanted to have adventures and stories to tell later on in life so that’s what they’ve done. 

We come up with ideas every day, but how many of us act on those ideas? At some point or another we all feel restless and desire something more from life, but how often do we try to scratch that itch? I personally think up random things all the time, but nothing ever becomes of them. 

I think it’s time to change this. 

It’s these ideas for something more or to improve things for ourselves and others that can change the world. But we can’t just leave them as ideas, we have to act on them. It’s adventures that lead to great discoveries and make life feel a little more whole. If there is to be any change in the world we cannot be afraid to move forward and try something new no matter how crazy it may seem. 

Imagine how the world would be if early explorers stayed home instead of going out, seeking adventure and therefore discovering the new world. Or what if Thomas Edison gave up trying to invent the light bulb after a few tries. 

It’s our thirst for knowledge, refusal to settle and desire for a better tomorrow that change the world. I’m not sure how or what will change my outlook or give me a sense of fulfillment, but finding whatever it may be is all a part of the adventure.  

In the words of Charles Bukowski  “… you can’t beat death, but you can beat death in life, sometimes, and the more often you learn to do it, the more light there will be.”

So, go forth. Chase those ideas and never settle. You never know what could come of it.