Bylaw amendment will allow non-RSOs to request funds

Cody Martin, Student Senate Treasurer

Cody Martin, Student Senate Treasurer

Along with the change in office due to Jonathan Saunders’ recent resignation as president, the Student Senate amended its bylaws. The most significant change is the consideration of non-registered student organizations for Senate funding.

Last week, the Senate swore in its new president, Taylor Haas. Senators also elected and swore in Lydia McGriff as vice president.

Senate treasurer Cody Martin drafted the bylaw amendment proposal that would include students involved in student activities that were not deemed “registered” by the University. The amendment passed.

“Senate is here to support students regardless of official RSO status,” Martin said. “Those students pay an activity fee each semester, therefore, their organizations deserve to be granted the ability to apply for funds.”

According to Martin, the goal of the amendment was to eliminate inconsistencies in Senate bylaws.

“We as a body are elected by the students and that is who we serve.” Martin said. “We feel that this change will allow us to help more students. It doesn’t guarantee any allocations, it’s simply opening up the application process to those students.”

The Senate aims to help organizations that have already begun to seek out funds elsewhere, Martin said.

“We wouldn’t be here without the students,” Martin said.

“We want to help them as much as we can if they are unable to find outside sources for funding. Any time we can help an organization I feel like I have done my job as treasurer and the finance committee feels a sense of pride that we were able to do so.”


The next Student Senate meeting is Jan. 30 at 5:30 p.m. in the BSC Boardroom