Letter to the Editor: Student responds to columnist’s stance

Terri-Lynn Frasher, Sophomore, Communications

One of the best things I have learned in my life is that looks mean nothing. This is quite opposite from the article in the Chart, Friends Don’t let friends dress poorly.

If I decide not to do my hair one day, well so what? My hair, clothes or make-up, for that matter, have nothing to do with how my friends and family view me as an individual. A side ponytail and purple eye shadow are staples of my life. True, I may be out of date and not rocking any new fashion trends but I am rocking self-respect, a wonderful husband and beautiful children. I am rocking the knowledge that my beauty comes from within. When I show up on campus “looking hideous” with no make-up and sweats, be for sure, I just rocked a morning of joy with my family at the breakfast table or took the time to give my daughter a side ponytail.

 Getting caught up on how others judge you is merely getting in the way of being yourself. Those hot boys and cool girls aren’t worth a second of your time if they can’t see you for who you are. So I say, friends don’t let friends judge each other or belittle each other over how they look. This isn’t the set of “Mean Girls”, this is real life.

 If you act blind, then go get your eyes checked. Blindness is a disability and does not lead to bad things. Being judgmental and superficial leads to bad things. Don’t let bad things happen.