Missouri Southern receives $4.7 million in federal funding through The CARES Act


Infographic by Quinten Sargent

Missouri Southern receives $4.7 million in federal funding through The CARES Act

Quinten Sargent

In an unpredictable future Missouri Southern utilized the CARES Act funding to expand on digital learning software to improve distance learning capabilities.

Missouri Southern Treasurer, Linda Eis said that moving online has created additional IT needs.

“As you can imagine if you take a smaller population and then all of a sudden its one hundred percent of your population you’re going to have additional IT needs.”

As of Sept. 14, Southern has distributed all of the student funds and of the University’s portion, $591,589 remained unspent.

Upon submitting a public records request for an itemized report of CARES Act spending to the University’s Custodian of Records, Elaina Johnson, The Chart has paid for access of the report but have yet to receive those documents.

According to Eis the biggest portion of these funds had been spent on distance learning to transfer students online. This accounts for $908,007 of the CARES Act funds, however this report also concludes $836,543 was spent on reimbursement of housing and cub academy refunds, due to the closures on campus.

Another $41,997 was spent on student scholarships.

The Chart continues to pursue more information on University uses of the CARES Act funds and will continue to report on the uses of the coronavirus relief funds throughout the University.