Joplin officials discuss safety surrounding political campaign signs

The City of Joplin discusses the ordinance concerning political signs as a public safety issue.

With less than a month until Election Day, Joplin residents are showing support of their favorite candidate with signs in their yards. The City of Joplin announced on Thursday Oct. 8, a reminder of the ordinance concerned with public safety.

The press release came with statements from City Planner Keegan Stanton.

“We are beginning to receive complaints regarding political signs recently erected in the city limits,” Stanton said. “We remind the public that the City will enforce this ordinance if a sign is in violation.”

In the press release, Stanton explained the concern of the political signs in Joplin.

“The City has a set standard for the size dimensions allowed with these types of signs,” said Stanton. “We also need people to adhere to the placement restrictions in place to ensure signs do not block the sight triangle of drivers and pedestrians. This is a matter of safety for everyone in our community.”

In the Joplin City Code of Ordinances, the specific regulations on political signs can be found, in chapter 6 Advertising, Article II Signs, Sec. 6-32.

“Political signs shall not exceed eight square feet in area, provided such signs shall not be more than five feet in height and shall not be located closer to the street than 15 feet from the back of the curb or edge of street on any property without a sidewalk or the back of the sidewalk on any lot where a sidewalk is located.

However, in no event shall any sign be located on any public right-of-way.”