‘Glass’ abuses communication

Taylor Camden

Taylor Camden

Google Glass is a new product that allows people to access the Internet with their … eyelids? Apparently Americans aren’t satisfied with access at their fingertips anymore.

These glasses are shaped to wear on the face with an attached computer processor, battery and tiny screen.  

Yes, the focus is on the current fashion statement these glasses make rather than the insane lack of concern for the world of communication as we know it.

An example provided by The New York Times describes a bartender laughing and making jokes about users for the “unfashionable” glasses. It would be more impressive had he be laughing at them for their lack of social skills displayed while wearing the glasses.

A surprising point made in a Google ad for the product was that, “ … rude behavior like checking email during conversations would become much easier to hide.”

Awesome. As if texting during an in-depth conversation wasn’t annoying enough. Now we have wandering eyes and spoken command interruptions to look forward to.  

It’s great that Americans are finding easier ways to accomplish daily tasks. But, are such products like these helpful or destructive?

Our ancestors are most likely rolling in their graves. It’s funny to think that less than 100 years ago, means of communication consisted of face-to-face interaction or letters.

These days, Americans barely talk on the phone anymore and would rather have someone send them an email than finish a conversation.

For the future of mankind, lets hope that Americans can’t get over the hurdle of the negative fashion statement these glasses create and the trend dies off as quickly as gaucho pants.