Lions start off 2-1 in MIAA after facing Lindenwood

The Missouri Southern Baseball team will face Nebraska-Kearney tomorrow at 2 p.m. at Joe Becker Stadium.

The Lions are 2-1 in the MIAA.

“Our expectation for this weekend is to win the series,” senior Michael McCoy said. “They are coming to our field and we want to take all three games. I think if we play our game to the best of our ability we’ll end up doing that.”

The Lions have yet to face Nebraska-Kearney as the Lopers are an addition to the conference this year.

“The MIAA series is a tough competition and we aren’t that familiar with this team,” Head Coach Bryce Darnell said. “It will be a tough test of our game but we plan to go into this series and play well.”

Senior Sam Ryan is confident that the team will have a successful weekend as well.

“We’ll go into this weekend with attitudes to play well and to our highest potential,” Ryan said. “We want to play a good games all the way around by hitting the ball, scoring more runs and playing good defense.”

Last weekend, the Lions traveled to Lindenwood to face another team new to the conference.

The team suffered two loses but salvaged one win.

“We realize now that we can’t take any opponent lightly,” Ryan said. “This was a reality check for us that we got very early on in the season. We know now that we can’t go into a game expecting to win. We have to go into the game expecting to earn that win by playing well.”

McCoy says that the team “didn’t come out to play” for the first game which resulted in a loss. But the second game was anyone’s to win and again, ended with a loss for the Lions.

McCoy says that the team played a good game for the third and deserved the win they received.

“There are ups and downs in every season,” Darnell said. “It’s a learning experience but we’re hopeful to stay on a winning course and improve every week.”