Lower prices allow for return of Starbucks


Lower prices allow for return of Starbucks

Starbucks Coffee has returned to the University Java Coffee Shop on the first floor of the George A. Spiva Library.

Over two years ago, Starbucks increased prices, making it difficult for some students to afford the coffee.

This led to Missouri Southern switching coffee providers away from Starbucks.

Another reason for the switch was University Java’s inability to produce the popular Starbucks blended frappuccinos, due to the substantial cost of upkeeping machinery needed to make the drinks.

At that time, The Roasterie approached MSSU and Sodexo with a pitch they could not turn down.

The Roasterie’s coffee was, and still is, air-roasted out of Kansas City, and, more importantly, was offered at a lower price than Starbucks.

The Roasterie came to Southern and provided a taste test for students to give them a feel for the brand.

They produced a coffee specifically for Southern based on the flavors the students liked best.

At first, MSSU and The Roasterie maintained a productive relationship.

Eventually though, the school saw a decline in the number of University Java customers.

Students were requesting more of a blended ice drink and were looking for a brand name they recognized.

Recently, prices of different coffee vendors have gotten closer together, and Starbucks has enabled Southern to produce multiple drinks with the same machine.

Southern and Sodexo contacted Starbucks, and with its updated program, University Java would be able to produce the blended frappuccinos without additional cost.

So the agreement was made to switch back to Starbucks as University Java’s provider.

Food Service Director and Sodexo Representative Mike Wonderly wants to strengthen the partnership between Sodexo and Missouri Southern.

“In this day in age, people are drawn to brands,” he said.

“It was one way we could go back and put a good selling point for our clients here.”

Wonderly also said those clients are not only current MSSU students, but any prospective students as well.

“When you are selling to an incoming freshman, we can say we have a Starbucks Coffee Shop and a Pizza Hut,” he said.

“When you can use the branding names, it is a real selling point for a lot of the universities,” Wonderly said.

The coffee shop now offers three kinds of Starbucks coffee; dark, medium and decaf.

There are also three types of blended frappucinos available; mocha, caramel and coffee.

Coffee and frappuccinos are not the only Starbucks products available at University Java.

Several types of espressos, lattes, mochas or americanos are available as well.

The full line of Starbucks-supported Tazo Tea is available in caffeinated and non-caffeinated, and there are around 15 different Starbucks syrups offered at University Java.

“We have the ability of many different types of syrups to add to your drink,” Wonderly said.

“You could realistically come in and make a different drink each day.”

Wonderly is confident in the change back to Starbucks and believes the brand will be around for awhile.

He also said he is open to any comments or concerns and encourages student feedback.