Women’s basketball returns to home court to host Jennies

The Lions stepped it up in their game against Washburn and Fort Hayes but still have more to improve on.

“I definitely think that our defense has a lot to do with the energy of which we play,” Head Coach Maryann Mitts said. “As the energy increased so did our defense.”

On Thursday the Lions played at Washburn University, junior Jolee Sharp had seven points in the first half.  With less than five minutes left in the first half Sharp sunk a three-pointer to put the Lions in the lead, where they would stay for the remainder of the half.

Junior Dominique Mosley followed Sharp’s three-pointer with two free throws and a jump shot.

At half time the Lions led the Lady Blues by only one point. The Lions lost by 11 points to the Lady Blues with a final score of 53-42.  

During the game on Saturday against Fort Hays State, the Lions kept the score close. There was never a point in the game where the score difference was more than 10 points.

The Fort Hayes State Tigers scored the first four points of the game, but the Lions answered back with a three pointer by junior Samantha Soyez and a jump shot by junior Shonte Clay. The Lions fought a tough battle through the first half and continued to fight in the second half.

Once again Mosley finished the game with points in the double digits with 12 points. Nicole Hatzog had another good game and led the team with 13 points.

Although the Lions outrebounded the Tigers, the Lions could not get the points to beat the Tigers. The Lions only lost by seven with a final score of 62-55.

“Our goal this week is to help them (the players) feel what it’s like to win again,” says Mitts.

The coaches plan to have competitive drills at practice with attainable goals so the players feel a sense of accomplishment.  The drills will also incorporate offensive execution, which Mitts feels the team has been lagging in.

Even though the team has had some rough spots, Mitts says, “Now I see a team emerging into a tougher more productive team that is all on the same page and heading in the same direction.”

This week ahead is very important to the women’s basketball program.

The Lions are still in the mix of the conference and if they win their next two games they can break out of that mix.  

“That’s what’s exciting about this week, is that we control our own destiny and we can get back to where we want to be,” said Mitts.

The Lions will host University of Central Missouri Feb. 9 at the Leggett and Platt Athletic Center.