MOSO to host Gloriana

Lakin Adams

Lakin Adams

Finally, Missouri Southern has done something right. It was announced today on Twitter that the country group Gloriana will be coming to campus for a show on April 30.

Regardless if you like country music, all students should be stoked for this.


Well, because this is the first step in making this place cooler.

One of the biggest complaints about this school is that it doesn’t feel like a University or that there is never something fun to do on campus.

Well, if students get involved and actually go to this show then maybe cool events like this will become a ‘thing.’

While this group may not be some huge, world-wide famous act it’s still better than hearing Rebecca Black sing.

You have to start somewhere guys. Now Black and Gloriana are not being compared by how much talent each have.

Black is absolutely awful, seriously it sounds like she’s a dying cat trapped in a metal trash can and then ran over by a semi-truck and then decides to sing about it.

Gloriana is pretty darn good. For one, they know other days of the week exist.

But for real, everyone should go to this concert.

They are a fairly young group, can carry a tune and easy on the eyes. It’s a win-win.

Plus, tickets are cheap and potentially free for students. We all know that awesome activities are made even more awesome when they are dirt-cheap.

Events like this not only make the campus more popular among students, but it makes the students college experience more fun.

That’s almost as imporant as the degree you’re after. When you are married and have kids, your college years are supposed to be those fun, wild memories that you tell everybody.

It’s convenient that they’re moving in this direction as one Editor in particular, is graduating, but eh it’s whatever.

Maybe we’ll see Justin Bieber one day singing here, but until that day happens Gloriana is just fine with me.