Community mural slated to begin at the end of May


photo illustration by Kendra Brisco and Joshua Boley/The Chart

Student Senate has approved watercolors and sketches that show the general concepts of the tunnel mural project.

Painting the mural for the tunnel under Newman Road is slated to begin in early May according to the lead artist, senior art major Jordan Murdock.

Murdock said that the way a “community mural project” works is like a giant paint-by-number, where the design is already drawn on the tunnel and then skilled artists will direct the community as to what colors should be painted in a certain location.

Having completed two local murals already, Murdock was sought out by her painting instructor Kyle McKenzie after the Student Senate approached him concerning the project.

“Student life was kind of theme for it, just something that empowers students and sort embodies what college life is,” Murdock said. While no specific organization is being represented in the mural, Murdock said, all organizations, their members and individuals are welcome to help.

“If they want to come get involved, it would be awesome.”

Murdock said there is a Facebook group called MSSU Tunnel Mural where people can find more information and future painting dates. Currently the group has 31 members; however, Murdock said that there is a large number of people who are not members of the group who she and the other artists have talked with that have a say the project as well.

Murdock said she answers to the president and Student Senate as they approve everything and make sure the project is on track.

Murdock said they had hoped to have the mural completed by graduation.

“We’re planning on having the majority of it done by then. However, waiting on red tape to get cleared up has put things back farther than we had hoped,” Murdock said.