Let the Games begin

Greek Life will be in full swing this upcoming week as the fraternities and sororities participate in Greek Week at Missouri Southern.

“[This upcoming] week all of the chapters on campus get together for fun events and friendly competition,” said Amy Spainhower, panhellenic delegate for Alpha Sigma Alpha – Zeta Alpha said.

 “I expect a great turnout from them.”

Events are chosen by the greek council and points are awarded based on attendance and participation from each chapter as well as points given to the winners of each game.

At the end of the week the chapter with the most points wins an award.

Individual awards will also be handed out and include “Greek Man and Woman of the Year” given to the person who best represents his or her chapter as well as the chapter with the highest grade point average (GPA).

All Missouri Southern students are welcome to get involved and show support even if they are not members in a chapter.

“The student body is more than welcome to come cheer us on. We encourage students to come up and chat or just ask what we are doing; the chapters are always recruiting new members and this is a great tool in doing so,” Spainhower said.

The competition will kick off Monday with a barbecue and end Friday with an awards banquet organized by the Order of Omega. Games will take place Tuesday through Thursday in the Oval 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The order is the greek honor society.

 “It’s a way for us to show pride in greek life and celebrate our accomplishments of the past year,” said Spainhower.

“We also use this week because some students are unaware that there is greek life at MSSU and being out on the Oval with all of our letters will hopefully fix that.”