Downtown Joplin provides modern shopping experiences


Zita Biro

Downtown Joplin provides modern shopping experiences

Zita Biro

If you were wondering where to shop for clothes, Joplin’s developing downtown hosts many little boutiques. While you can find some shops in the mall, the retailers in downtown Joplin offer more unique styles and different clothes, shoes and accessories.   

Sophie is a great place to find beautiful shoes and clothes in a modern style. Sophie was exclusively a shoe store when they opened in 2007, and while they’ve broadened their inventory, they are still known as “the candy store for shoe addicts.” Nowadays, Sophie hosts everything you need for an outfit, including shoes, clothes and accessories in several different styles.   

If you would like to wear something modern from a special brand, you can visit the Lennon’s women’s boutique for premium brands. Lennon’s provides a fresh and new experience for shoppers lining up to see their beautiful collections of clothes, shoes and accessories in a stylish and modern store environment.   

Downtown Joplin boutiques offer various clothing options for different occasions. Rosa Bella is the hot spot for all elegant and formal wear, including prom dresses, men’s formal wear, and even wedding dresses. In every color and style, you can find formal attire for every occasion.   

“A modern boutique with a vintage soul,” is the best way to describe the boho retail store, The Blue Moon. Shoppers can find stylish and good quality clothes and accessories for their outfits, in various styles. If you ever need any help, The Blue Moon’s owners, Teddy Steen and her daughter Branden Clark, can be found organizing the merchandise and assisting customers.    

“We opened the boutique in 2011, not too long before the Joplin tornado. There were three of us that went together to open the shop. In 2015, I took over as sole owner and my partners took our store in Arkansas,” said Steen. “We wanted a boutique that had a variety of items and had a vintage feel. Our slogan is: a modern boutique with a vintage soul.”  

The boutique really does have a vintage soul, equipped with whimsical displays and an array of different women’s clothing options, gifts, and home décor.   

“I love downtown Joplin. I grew up in Webb City and downtown Joplin was a big shopping outing for us. So, when we were discussing a location that was our first choice and I have never regretted it!” said Steen. “We also wanted to be affordable but unique. We are also a business that loves to help non-profits with donations for their fundraisers. That is very important to us to be supportive community members.”  

A desire to be a part of their hometown fuels Steen and Clark’s efforts to improve downtown Joplin’s shopping experiences.   

“I love downtown and it is only getting better all the time. There is a big push and I feel like that people are wanting to invest more in local businesses. We are part of the Downtown Joplin Alliance who is always looking for ways to grow our downtown and helping the businesses promote. We all work together to help each other, and we all want each other to succeed. We do promotions together so we can bring people to the area,” said Steen.  

Like many other stores across the country, The Blue Moon was also affected by the pandemic.   

Steen said The Blue Moon was hit hard by the pandemic, resulting in them closing their doors to the public for about a month and a half as they utilized other means of providing their products through delivery, online orders, phone orders, and customer pick-ups. “Plus, for the type of business we have, if people aren’t working or going out then they have less need for our products,” said Steen.  

“We are still not up to full speed. We try to adjust, but it has been very difficult. We are very fortunate to have a loyal customer base and we rely on customer service to keep them wanting to come back,” said Steen.    

The owners are looking positively to the future and want to continue to have good relationships with their customers.  

“We want everyone to feel warm and welcome when they shop with us and we love to help them find things that they love. We love our customers and many of them have become like family to us and that is exactly how we want them to feel. This is not just a place to shop, it is a place to gather and share our lives with others,” said Steen.   

Boasting different styles and collections, paired with new fashion and an innovative shopping experience in the heart of downtown Joplin, these boutiques are open and anticipating developing a positive relationship with current and new customers. It is a great opportunity to explore these special stores and support local retailers.