New fee for transcripts met with mixed feelings

A recent announcement that there will be a $10 fee for official transcripts was met with mixed reactions from students.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” said Kylie Cornman, a senior health promotion and wellness major.

Registrar Cheryl Dobson said they get about 12,000 official transcript requests each year. Most students request only one or two copies. The $10 fee replaces the $3 records fee that was assessed to each student each semester. The change was spurred by the request of one student for in excess of 90 copies of their official transcript.

Dobson said they evaluated the cost to produce the copies of the transcripts and that they are only trying to break even, stating that while other schools may have a lower flat rate fee, they charge extra for faxing or international shipping. The $10 flat rate covers every type of request except for overnight shipping.

“Ten dollars is a bit much,” said Avery Jensen, a sophomore elementary education major.  “I understand that there are some small costs to print and handle them, but it doesn’t amount to $10. Five dollars or less is more reasonable.”

The registrar’s office recommends students order transcripts through the website because they do not handle cash for transactions at its office. So, students would have the added inconvenience of having to go to the business office to pay for transcripts and bring the receipt back to order the transcript in person. Transcripts can be picked up in person or by a third party, but due to privacy laws, must be requested by the student. Requests cannot be taken over the phone.