Project Stay welcomes non-members to events

John Davidson, staff writer

This year Project Stay has changed the way that they do their workshops. Rather than being exclusive to students involved with Project Stay, the workshops are now open to all Missouri Southern students.

Shavonne McCoy is an administrative assistant for Project Stay who led a workshop on Sept. 24 on how to occupy your children while studying. She was glad that Project Stay opened their workshop doors to the entire student body.

“We were hoping that if students who weren’t in Project Stay would come to our workshops that maybe they would be inclined to join Project Stay,” said McCoy.

McCoy also feels that this gives students who participate in Project Stay an ability to recruit.

“Some of our best recruiters are our students, so if they would bring a friend to the workshop we can find new members,” said McCoy.

Despite making the workshops available for all students, Project Stay will still have events that will remain exclusive.

“Any of our workshops will be open to all students, but we still plan events that are just for the students who participate in Project Stay,” said McCoy.

The workshops could be beneficial to a number of students with workshops covering areas such as researching techniques, team-building, financial literacy and habits that lead to success as a student.    

The next workshop that will be open to all students is “7 Habits of Highly Effective Students” on Oct. 9.For additional information, contact Project Stay at (417) 625-9830.