Non-traditional student has no regrets

As a non-traditional student, I find myself in a little different predicament than I imagine traditional students face. I imagine what my own life would be like if I was walking the path my mother had intended for me.
Would I be like I was when I was 18 and not want to get up for early classes, sit in the back of class and longingly looking out the window as the clock slowly creeps to fifteen after? Yes, some professors make you stay the entire class time.
 Or would I be like The Chart’s own Savanah Mandeville and be a complete overachiever with her internship at Joplin Schools, staff writing for fun not a credit hour and of course her ridiculously high GPA? I like to think I would be as amazing as Savanah. Yes, you caught me, I have a girl crush.
In reality though, I cannot clearly imagine that situation.  I keep getting pulled to my memories, to the larger-than-life life I have lived. I have no regrets when I look back at the places I have been — 48 out of 50 states is not too shabby — and that is just in this country. The people I have known, you would not believe me if I told you so I will not name drop. The things I have done, I have literally created life people!
 It is different for me to be in a classroom today than it would be if I were only 18. When the professor talks about the sociology of different cultures, I have something to say because I have experienced this. When the professor tells us we will use algebra in a daily basis, I can scoff at this and feel good about it because I know that I do not ever use algebra. The biggest difference is exam time though. I used to not care about my grades, now though, I want to own that A. I need that A. I will get that A.
So for all you traditional students who roll your eyes when us non-traditional students starts talking in class, know we have something to say. We have been there and done that.   And take it from me, you had better start cracking those schoolbooks. There are less than six weeks to go for this semester and Savanah and I are setting the curves.