Protective Rule changes call player toughness into question

The NFL is made up of the biggest and baddest athletes from around the globe, but as salaries increase at the same rate as the protective rule changes, some older players question the toughness of players in today’s league.

Whether they are viewed as “prima donna” or “postma donna” is in the eyes of the beholders, the fact remains that it is hard to rival the violence of the game.  Violence commissioner Roger Goodell hopes to remedy this with his new and improved rulebook that rebukes anything constituted as football by terrorizing the overfilled pocketbooks of the players in question.

So who is truly at fault?

Well, to 52-year old former NFL running back Herschel Walker it does not really matter. He knows no matter what the rules state, he could still play.

“I can play in the NFL today,” said Walker to USA Today Sports.  “I couldn’t take every snap, but running backs nowadays don’t play every down … now they send in the choir section.”

A man known for his physical play, Walker made his mark by running people over and continued to do so during a two-fight stint in MMA just three years ago.

Do I think he could survive in todays NFL? Maybe, but with pads on and his head down, have to think twice.