Baxter Springs, Kan. suffers intense tornado damage

Around 90 homes and businesses were destroyed with one man dying, when a tornado crossed through Quapaw, Oklahoma and Baxter Springs, Kansas on Sunday April, 27th.

The debris removal in both towns started immediately. Over the course of Monday electricity companies worked on reestablishing a power supply. The streets were cleaned and the traffic successfully diverted in the early afternoon of Monday with the help of many volunteers, however volunteers were turned away that afternoon because there were too many people and not enough jobs.

Residents of Baxter Springs and Quapaw started to repair their houses and businesses as soon as possible. The police departments from both towns secured the area and controlled the access to damaged houses.

The tornado was strong enough to destroy or damage houses made of stone and even threw a heavy truck on its side. Parts of the truck where found miles away. The National Weather Service declared the tornado as an EF-2.