Southern looks to the future

Modernizing the dorms – that’s one of Missouri Southerns main priorities this summer.

“We want to grow on campus and need more modern facilities,” said Josh Doak, director of residence life.

Especially Blaine Hall with traditional rooms needed to be modernized.

“Blaine is right now not attractive,” Doak said. “The furniture is behind times.”

The new building now under construction will be the University’s showpiece for campus life, to attract students to stay in the dorms until they graduate.

The statistics show that students living on campus are most likely to remain until their graduation.

In addition, Doak said campus housing needed to expand because higher numbers of students are expected thanks to in-state tuition for residents of Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas. Sixty international students are expected for fall, up from 30 this spring, and Doak said numbers will continue to increase in the future.

Each of the eight apartment buildings, like Stone or Dryer Hall, including Blaine and McCormick, will get new furniture.

“We will equip them with new bed frames, desks, desk chairs, dressers and wardrobes,” Doak said.

The living rooms in the apartment style residence halls will get a fresh touch as well.

“They will get three multi-use cubes instead of the old tables,” said the director.

The cubes can be arranged and put together however the students like. Additionally, new microwaves and refrigerators will be included in the new furnished apartments.

But where does the money come from?

“We pay for the new furniture from a short term loan and the new buildings are bonded. So far they are a safe investment,” Doak said.

In addition to new construction, storm damage will be repaired before the fall semester.