Our Opinion: Students need to utilize all parking lots

It’s impossible not to notice the parking issues our campus has during the first few weeks of classes. Whether it’s because you have personally spent 10 to 15 minutes searching for a spot, seen the multitudes of vehicles parked in the grass or had class with the person who comes in every day complaining about not finding a spot, the issue is very real and visible.

Every semester Missouri Southern has had students who complained about the parking. One Chart member recalls a group of students three years ago doing a presentation over the ‘lack’ of parking. One has to wonder if Southern really has a parking problem, though, or if students are just lazy and unaware.

Upon thinking it over, it took less than five minutes to come to the conclusion that we don’t have a parking problem, but rather an “I don’t want to walk across campus or show up early for class” problem.

As Bob Harrington pointed out in a quote featured in the story concerning parking in this issue, there are two lots that are never full. The lot beside the soccer field and the bottom lot beside the football field always have spots, but they aren’t located near many buildings, either.

No one wants to walk across campus in the 100-degree weather we have had lately, is the logical things to ask for parking garages or a brand new lot on the Oval?     


If you want to avoid a tedious stroll across campus, just show up to the school before nine.

It has never been necessary to park in the grass, and making a collective effort to arrive at the school 15 minutes before class will give students the time to walk from any lot to their respective destinations.