Picnic, parade and royalty highlight week

A circus-themed Homecoming celebration is headed to Missouri Southern courtesy of the Student Activities Organization and the Campus Activities Board from Sept. 29 through Oct. 4.

A number of activities will occur throughout the week before coming to a finale for the football game against the Central Missouri Mules on Saturday evening.

One of the biggest events during Homecoming week is the picnic that will be held on Friday, Oct. 3, from 10:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

“The Homecoming picnic is funded through the student activity fee,” said Landon Adams, director of student activities. “I have always felt like it’s one of the coolest traditions on campus.”

The food served by Sodexo at the event will fit the circus theme.

“There will be circus-themed desserts and smoked chicken like you would see at an old fair,” said Adams.

Not only will there be food at the picnic, but CAB has booked a DJ and a flying dog show to serve as entertainment while students eat.

According to Adams, landing the dog act involved a lot of luck.

“They are doing a show in Tulsa the night before our picnic, and they were going to be traveling through Joplin on Friday, so we were able to get them to perform at a price-point that made sense for both of us,” said Adams.

Adams hinted at a big surprise in the works for the picnic, but couldn’t share any other details.

Another mainstay event that happens during Homecoming week is the election of king and queen. Thirteen more candidates are running for election this year over last. Twenty-one different student organizations will have at least one candidate representing them.

One such candidate is junior biology major Danielle Campbell, who represents Southern Ambassadors. Through Southern Ambassadors, she represents Southern to prospective students, but she said she would like to build upon that.

“I absolutely love everything about Southern and I hope that, through this opportunity, I can continue to represent MSSU, as a whole, in a positive aspect,” said Campbell.

Royalty will be crowned during the picnic.

The last event before the football game is the Homecoming parade that will be held on campus at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 4.

As of Wednesday, Sept. 24, seven different floats had signed up to participate in the event.

Saturday afternoon will mark the end of the festivities, with the football game against Central Missouri set to kick off at 2 p.m.