Goodell on the way out

Ian Taylor, Sports Editor

Well, Roger, you are in one heck of a pickle now.  

How does the NFL explain the reasoning behind its recent decision to refute apparent admission from Ray Rice that he did, in fact, go “Chuck Liddell” on his lady in the elevator — deciding instead to punish him with only a two-game suspension?

How does it explain its decision to ignore video evidence that was supposedly brought to their attention by police, and later leaked by TMZ, all while giving yet another high profile player the ole “brother-in-law” treatment? I guess it’s just another chapter in the fraternity-like tradition that seems to safeguard these athletes from any legal repercussions.

It seems the man who had been so proactive during his tenure against anything that may tarnish the glittering image of the NFL has finally, like all other major sports commissioners, ended up being just another hypocrite.

Two words Roger, see ya.