Parking spaces for handicapped prove scarce


John Davidson | The Chart

One of the four handicapped parking spots in front of the Willcoxon Health Center, located in the Billingsly Student Center, is occupied on Thursday, Sept. 25.

Kay May

Frustrating situations occur almost everywhere on campus with the lack of handicapped parking.  If you are in front of Plaster, both places are usually taken in front of the building since there aren’t any more on the side where all parking was removed.

Hearnes Hall also removed two spots on the side of the drive-through and added two to replace them further down on the south end for a grand total of four.

Of course all parking was eliminated on the one side of the main drag.

Webster probably has the most spaces available, except you have to walk quite a ways to get where you’re going.  There are several available at the back of Spiva, which I’ve never used, so I’m hoping there’s a ramp there somewhere.

The worst of all is the one in front of the student center.  One day I parked there to make a quick trip to the bookstore and was asked to move since there was something going on the campus grounds and I was in the way.  I refused.

A lot of handicapped parking was added in front of the Beimdiek Center, but I personally don’t know anyone who uses them since we are handicapped and don’t work out much.

So that’s just a quick rundown of what’s going on in our handicapped world.