Student Senate looks to fill vacant seats

As the new school year gets under way, the voice of the student body rung out on campus.

Student Senate held elections Sept. 3-4 to fill four positions for committee chairs: treasurer, capital improvements, public relations, and parliamentarian. Capital improvements, treasurer, and public relations are three at-large positions. Besides these committees, other smaller committees are needed. If there are any vacancies after the elections, a special vacancy committee from the student body will be formed to fill them. Students may apply for the vacancies by turning in an application form.

Three chair positions have already been filled: President Jake Messer, Vice President Saif Farag and Secretary Brooklyn Lampe.

It’s still early in the year but the Student Senate has already set priority number one.

“We want to reach out to the student body,” Farag said. “We want to establish a firm connection with the student body.”

Farag encourages more students to get involved as Student Senate strives to accomplish whatever students seek to improve.

“There’s nothing too small [or] that can’t be done,” Farag said. “We want to do something big for the campus.”

As far as plans for this year, it’s too early to say, but Stampe hinted at some issues the group may consider.

“We look to maybe readdress the opening of the tunnel mural,” she said. “Also, we’d like to see our Ask the Senator Event get up and started.”

The reopening of the tunnel mural would help solve the problem

students face as they cross Newman Avenue every morning to get back and forth to class.

Farag and Stampe both emphasized the importance of students getting involved and making their voices heard. The first student meeting is set for Wednesday, Sept. 10, at 5:30 p.m. Student Senate encourages and welcomes students to show up and be heard.

“Make this campus yours,” said Stampe. “I would like to see students come talk to us more.”

“The main thing is the tie in with the student body,” said Fararg.

If you have any questions, contact Student Senate: [email protected], Student Senate Office, Billingsly 301, or show up to the weekly meetings every Wednesday evening at 5:30.