Executive board chooses chairpersons

Once every two weeks, Student Senate has a short body meeting and breaks into committees. The three committees Senate has are finance, capital improvements and public relations.

Senators who were in attendance for week one were rewarded for it.

“Everyone who showed up during week one will be serving in their first choice of committee,” said President Jake Messer.

Along with Senators being placed into committees, the chairperson for each was chosen. Sophomore accounting major Raymond Dunaway will serve as the finance chair, junior biology major Stacy Sonntag will serve as the public relations chair and senior biology major Stephany Aguinaga will serve as the capital improvements chair.

“I do believe we can make change on this campus,” said Aguinaga. “While I still may not know what that change will be, I’m excited to see what we can do this year.”

Sonntag shared a similar sentiment about leading the public relations committee.

“I have lots of ideas I want to see come true,” said Sonntag. “I really feel Student Senate needs to have a big presence on campus, and I hope I can make that happen.”

While the chairs for committees were chosen, the two Senators who will help with traffic appeals were also decided upon. Freshman physics and mathematics double-major Connor Ames and sophomore chemistry major Lucas Stanley will fill the void left from last semester.

Before the meeting was adjourned, Senate decided who would represent them for Homecoming. Several members were nominated (four women, three men), but the two who won the nominations were Messer and senior environmental health major Brooklyn Lampe, Senate vice president.

Messer and Lampe both addressed the vacancy committee that will be forming, and encouraged Senators to spread the word they are looking for new Senators to fill the remaining seats.