Campus departments resolve online calendar issues


Photo Illustration by Brad Stout

Calendar issues cause confusion

Brad Stout/ Editor-on-Chief

Confusion briefly struck some Southern students when it was discovered that the online calendar found on the MSSU website contained some inaccurate information for some of the date listings.

“There were some discrepancies caused through a system glitch that either … made a one-hour event or a two-hour event into an all day [event], or it moved the date of the event from, say, a Friday to a Saturday,” said Al Stadler, chief information officer.

According to Stadler, however, these online calendar issues have already been fixed.

“We’ve worked with a vendor to reinstall the software to their standards — to their best practices — and we re-inputted the dates correctly,” said Stadler. “We basically removed all the dates, then put them back in.”

Also affected by the glitch were the student date books sold in the MSSU Bookstore — which used incorrect date information pulled from the online calendar. The date books are still being sold in the bookstore, but steps have been taken to make students aware of the issues.

“We’ve relied on good professors announcing it in class, and then an email sent out by Darren Fullerton making them aware that those dates didn’t match up,” said Greg Needham, bookstore manager.

Additionally, disclaimers have been placed on the date books warning students about the issues.

For more information, contact Stadler at (417) 625-9807.