Southern on the upswing

Grant Sifried is the second coming of Rory McIlroy. Sifried hails from Aurora, Mo. A four-year starter at first bag for the Houn Dawgs, Sifried was a first-team All-District and All-Conference pick the past two seasons as a sophomore and junior. He helped his team to a District Championship last year so that makes him a winner, like McIlroy.

“The professional I look up to would be Rory McIlroy,” he said. “He carries himself so gracefully on the course and is really fun to watch. He just seems like an overall good guy.”

Sifried arrives at Southern with winning intentions. He’s only a freshman, but he plays beyond his age and class. The game comes easily to Sifried, as he is an easygoing guy who has always loved the game of golf. Sifried loves the game so much that “every time I go out and play golf, I strive to be better,” he said. “I always try to take away the positives from my play.”

Think of it like this: What you see from Sifried off the course is what you see on the course. That can be expressed with words like calm, cool and collected. His playing style reflects those words even more.

“I would consider my playing style to be consistent,” he said. “I always try to take the positives away from my play, even when I’m playing poorly.”

Sifried is very competitive. This year’s Lions golf team is very competitive, from lead senior Buerke to incoming freshmen like Sifried. With all the competitiveness, it’s safe to say Sifried and the Lions expect to be tournament winners this season.

“I expect a lot out of the upcoming season not only from myself, but my teammates also,” he said. “Like I said before, we should be in contention in every tournament.”

The Lions teed off Tuesday at the first event of the season- the Missouri Intercollegiate Invitation in Lake Ozarks, Mo. The second day of the competition was called due to rain.

“I’m very excited,” Sifried said before the event. “It’s a new experience for me and a new level of play. The competition is tough, and it will be fun to see how well I match up against the rest of the field.”