Police arrest former nursing student for threatening peers

Irvin Wilson, a former student in Missouri Southern’s nursing program, was arrested Friday, Oct. 17, for threatening members of the nursing department.

He was arrested off campus and turned over to the University Police Department Friday afternoon.

The arrest was the result of a warrant issued by Jasper County for harassment that intimidates or frightens.

That same afternoon, University Police Chief Ken Kennedy sent an email to employees and students informing them of the incident. The email was in compliance with The Clery Act, which requires universities to keep and disclose information of all campus crime.

“According to the Clery Act guidelines, if something is a potential threat to the campus community, then we are required to send out an all-campus email to raise awareness,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy reported that Wilson made threats through a third party.

Wilson had been cut from the nursing program — a possible cause for the threats.  

“He was cut from the program for some of his actions in the classroom and now he is no longer a nursing student,” said Kennedy.  

Brodie Skelton, junior nursing major, was never threatened directly, but knew it was a serious problem when nursing department classes were cancelled on Monday to ensure students’ safety.

“I was made aware of the threat for not only my safety, but my peers as well,” said Skelton.

Wilson is being held on a $100,000 bond. He remained in custody Wednesday afternoon.

A campus ban has been placed on Wilson, so if or when he is released, University police will be notified so they can take proper preventive measures.

“We will be vigilant in looking for the individual and have an officer at the Health Science building as much as possible for an undetermined amount of time to make everyone feel safer,” said Kennedy.

Lynn Korvick, director of the nursing department, opted not to comment about the date the student was dismissed from the school or what the nature of the threats were.