Sexual assault case under investigation


Campus Police continue investigation

The Jasper County prosecuting attorney’s office confirmed that it has received the case of the alleged sexual assault that happened on the Missouri Southern campus.

While the prosecutor’s office has the police filing, a decision to press charges is dependent on the investigation.

Athletic Director Jared Bruggeman declined to comment due to the ongoing investigation by the dean of students.

On Sept. 28, a Missouri Southern student reported being forcibly raped in a residence hall room on campus by a Missouri Southern athlete. The suspect and victim were in a relationship, according to the University Police.

Several stories have surfaced in the past year at large universities similar to the one at Southern. Most recently, on Monday, Oct. 6, a prominent University of Florida athlete was suspended from the team while under investigation for sexual assault, according to University of Florida President Bernie Machen.

More publicized, reigning Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston was investigated for sexual assault, but was never suspended.

United States Senator Claire McCaskill (Mo.-D) is currently running a tour around Missouri campuses to address sexual violence at universities.

“One message I’ll deliver to every student, every educator, every cop and prosecutor, who are working to curb these crimes—is that they are not alone,” McCaskill said on her website.