Proposed T-shirt exchange to promote school spirit


Senate proposes T-shirt exchange

In an attempt to promote campus pride and rid Missouri Southern of other school’s colors, Student Senate will be hosting a t-shirt trade-out on an unspecified date in early November.

In their body meeting on Wednesday, Public Relations Chair Stacy Sonntag presented the idea to the body. The shirt students will be able to exchange for is a long-sleeved white pocket t-shirt with a small Senate logo on the front and a Lion logo on the back.

Students will not have to pay for the shirt, but rather exchange a shirt or hat of an opposing university or high school.

“We just wanted to give students an incentive to wear Missouri Southern colors,” said Sonntag. “We saw this as an opportunity to do that and promote Student Senate.”

Sonntag provided Senate with a cost breakdown of the shirts and mentioned that they would be ordered from CC Creations. Senate will order 200 shirts at a cost of $1,897.50.

After some debate over the color and design of the shirt, Senate unanimously approved of the idea.

Along with the approval of the shirt giveaway, Senate also presented an appropriation request to the body that had been unanimously approved by the finance committee on Oct. 15.

 Treasurer Raymond Dunaway was absent due to an illness, so Parliamentarian Ashleigh Thomlinson presented the request to the body.

The first request heard regarded Phi Beta Lambda, which was seeking $410 in reimbursements for their travels to the Show-Me conference in St. Louis. The conference was a networking opportunity for the students.

“Students were also given scenarios in which they had to develop solutions for,” said Thomlinson.

The request was approved.