Keeping stress manageable is key to success

As students, we spend a lot of time fretting over school, work and personal life. We get sucked into the routine of things so deeply that we often forget to make time for ourselves and do things that make us happy. With all the tasks we take on, we deserve to reward ourselves for our efforts and achievements.

Take a bit of your time every day to focus on something that does not have anything to do with work or school. Read a book; go for a walk; participate in school activities; paint; be creative! Being able to focus on something enjoyable can temporarily relieve your stress and will make upcoming tasks more tolerable.

“Having a hobby helps create a healthy brain, makes school survivable and builds friendships,” says Shelby Neubeck, senior mass communications major.

Studying, work and our home lives are very important, but so are our personal interests. Creating a balance between the things we have to do and the things you want to do will make future tasks less dreadful. Don’t let your book bag and stress levels weigh you down. Make your college experience an enjoyable one.