Board of Governors approves new master’s degree option

In this semester alone, two new master’s degrees have been implemented at Missouri Southern — master of accountancy and master of science in education — and now a third is on its way. The new program, master’s in management, has just been approved by the board and is now in the planning stages. It should be available for students this time next year.

The new program’s current plan involves two different tracks. One focuses on human resources management. It provides preparation for human resources directors or executives. This master’s degree is necessary for those interested in working in human resources for a larger company. This degree also offers the proper certification for the career path.

The next section of the program is a general management track. The courses involved in this degree will be project based and student defined. These courses will help students in narrowing their scope on the management field and landing a management career in whatever field interests them.

Another important aspect, according to John Groesbeck, dean of the Robert W. Plaster School of Business Administration, is that this master’s degree in management could be a good addition to any bachelor’s degree. The degree has been purposely designed to have mostly non-business prerequisites. It would take the same amount of effort to receive this master’s degree as a second bachelor’s.

“It is for people simply wanting to move up,” Groesbeck said. “It will open up doors.”

Since the master of management program can work for almost any student, the courses need to be accessible to every one of them, Groesbeck said. Options such as weekend school, evening classes, night classes, online and hybrid courses are being looked into. These different course offerings could make it possible for students to continue to work full-time while earning a graduate degree.

These additions to Missouri Southern’s repertoire could be an asset in recruiting new students, Grosbeck said.

With the job market in its current condition, many will put off the tedious job search to pursue a graduate degree. A more competitive field means that any edge a student can obtain over their competitors is important, and higher education is a big edge, he said.