Updated security cameras provide extra eyes on campus

One of the new security cameras watches the campus from Webster Hall.

One of the new security cameras watches the campus from Webster Hall.

Brad Stout, Editor-in-Chief

Throughout the past year, new security cameras have been installed across Missouri Southern via a joint effort between the University Police Department and the Information Technology Department. Most of the new cameras being installed are meant as replacements for some of Southern’s older cameras.

Though the older cameras are capable of panning, tilting and zooming, the new cameras — which will be fixed — will benefit from a higher resolution. To compensate for the lack of mobilty, two or three fixed cameras per every one “pan, tilt, zoom” camera are being installed to monitor certain areas.

“When one [camera] goes down, we sometimes replace the older style pan, tilt, zoom with a couple of fixed cameras and that’s what we’re doing in this instance,” said Ken Kennedy, University police chief. “They have better resolution than the old cameras.”

Among the most recent installations are the two cameras mounted on the front of Webster Hall, which were installed Nov. 10 by Jason Stockdale, network identity and DR technician.

According to Al Stadler, chief information officer, some of the new cameras are being directed toward the entraces to the campus, including the intersection of Newman Road and International Avenue in front of Webster Hall. The other camera mounted on the front of Webster also views 93 percent of the main parking lot, says Stockdale.

“If we have some criminal activity on the parking lot, such as theft from a car or even a hit and run accident, you can hopefully get video footage of the incident occuring,” said Kennedy. “Then, as the person leaves the area, they have to stop at that intersection. Hopefully, you’ll be able to read to license plate on the car.”

In addition to the cameras installed on the outside of Webster Hall, new security cameras will be added to both the new and old dorms, as well as other parts of campus.

“I know we used to have three in the tunnel,” said Kennedy. “There will be four in the tunnel when they get them all operational.”

Initially, the funding for new cameras came from the University’s general fund. Now, however, funding is provided by the IT department, which became involved due to the wiring and computer based network required to operate the cameras.

“It’s one of those things you do for public saftey,” said Stadler.