Campus additions coming in full force


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In my first three years at Missouri Southern, few additions were made on campus. In terms of new structures going up, unless you count the lion statue, nothing happened.

Now, in my final year of school, Southern is making an array of upgrades around campus. Whether it is the residence halls that are taking shape, the field house or the groundwork going on at the location of the new baseball field, progress can definitely be seen.

So often, especially in news, you hear rumors or ideas of projects that may or may not happen. To see the University make additions that will benefit the campus down the road is an awesome feeling.

It’s impossible to drive onto or through campus without seeing one of the major projects that is under way taking form.

Coming from the west, the residence halls would be impossible to overlook. The east offers every passerby a view of the new baseball field that is under construction.

And for those traveling from the north or south?

The field house being built near the football field is under way.

Not only will these facilities benefit both current students and employees, but they will also serve as a recruiting pitch for prospective students.

When making a college visit to Southern, students will see the changes being made and it should help sway them in this direction.

I think back to my freshman year of college when I lived in East Hall, which was nice, but doesn’t hold a candle to the new residence halls being resurrected.

Don’t even mention Blaine Hall — the new dorms will be infinitely nicer than Blaine Hall. In a video production class, a student used Blaine as the setting of his horror movie, and it was easily the scariest movie in class.

Even though I won’t get to experience the new additions as a student, I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Southern.

It’s a good time to be a student at Southern. It’s a good time to be a Lion.