School pride meets the town


Brad Stout | The Chart

The Missouri Southern Bookstore’s kiosk, located in the Northpark Mall between the food court and JC Penny’s, is operated by members of Southern’s Spirit Squad.

Brad Stout, Editor-in-Chief

Mall shoppers now have a new way to connect with Missouri Southern. After the success of last year’s efforts, Southern’s Spirit Squad opened up another kiosk at Joplin’s Northpark Mall Nov. 19, selling MSSU apparel, jewelry, mugs and other merchandise throughout the holiday season.

Acting as an extension of the MSSU Bookstore, the kiosk serves as a fundraising event for the Spirit Squad, which will use the money the student workers make for running the stand to pay their way to the squad’s national competition.

“They get paid for their time, basically,” said Randon Coffey, director of athletic marketing and corporate sales. “The bookstore gets paid back for all the merchandise, there are a few overhead costs that are covered, and then we pay them [the Spirit Squad members] for staffing it.”

Though the kiosk got off to a slow start its first week, Coffey and the Spirit Squad expect business to start booming as the holiday season progresses.

“As soon as Black Friday hits, from that point on it’s full throttle,” said Coffey. “Every weekend and a lot of weeknights, the [Squad members] will be fairly busy.”

According to Coffey, the Spirit Squad sold approximately $19,000 worth of retail during last year’s efforts.

“[Last year,] it was pretty slow starting out, but once people knew about [the kiosk] and heard more about it, sales picked up more,” said Krystal Coy, junior business management major, who worked the event last year.

The kiosk will operate during regular mall hours Monday through Friday until Dec. 28. For more information, contact Coffey at (417) 625-3075.

“All the stuff we sell here is also in the Bookstore, but I think we’re at a more conveniant location because people don’t have to drive all the way to the campus,” said Coy.