Staff member chases dream


Photo Courtesy of Terri-Lynn Frasher

Terri-Lynn Frasher (second from left) photo editor of The Chart, takes a break from her Living Well cooking segment on KSN to pose for a photo with her daughter, Emma Patterson (left), and Living Well hosts Melanie Hounker and Gary Bandy.

At the age of 16, I lost the use of one of my legs and nearly died after lying for three hours in the rubble of my apartment building. Little did I know that my boyfriend and I were the only survivors in our entire building. An F-5 tornado had struck Huntsville, Ala.: My hometown, my apartment, my life, all forever altered.

I went into that morning a spoiled, lazy child and ended that evening an empathetic and caring person trying to make my life matter in the face of so much loss. It has been over a decade since that fateful day, and thankfully I have had many years of the full use of my legs.

In all that time, the one constant I have had in my life is my ability to live to the fullest and to try to find joy in each day.

This has led me to one of the biggest leaps of faith in my life.

I have a passion, you know, a real love for photography. Everyone on campus who has seen me knows I do not carry a purse; I carry a purse/camera bag. My camera and I have harassed many of you. And, oh, how I love it! Face it, you know you do too.

However, my bliss is calling and I have decided to answer.

Last January I entered a competition on a local news show, Living Well, on KSN. The contest called for a video submission of a non-stove cooking recipe. Let me tell you, I know my way around a crock pot, so I made a video of my 2-year-old and I making French toast in a slow cooker.

They loved it.

They said I was a natural.

We immediately won the contest and were invited to show my recipe on their afternoon show.

It was not long before I was asked to be a permanent guest of the show and was given the moniker The Crock Pot Lady.

Here we are almost a year later, and I have to admit, the television bug has bitten me. For the first time, I see that my fantasy could very well be an attainable dream, one that I intend to make come true.

So I want to say goodbye to you as the girl behind the camera and invite you to join me on my journey in front of it.

I am nervous and a little scared, but even more than that, I am allowing all those who died around me on that fateful day in November a chance to live vicariously through me. For even though they died and I survived, I will not let my life be for naught. I will try to make up for all they lost and forever be grateful for my day to day.