New minor provides greater opportunity


Brad Stout | The Chart

Students Daniel Hollingshead and Chue Lo from the Engineering Technology department’s Design Experiments class anticipate potential problems they may encounter when working with outside clients. The course is offered by the department as part of the new continuous process improvement minor.

Every college student looks forward to being competitive in the job market. A new minor being offered provides another way to set an individual apart.

Missouri Southern began offering the continuous process improvement minor in the fall of 2010.

“This minor will increase your competitiveness in the job market,” said Dr. Elke Howe, head of engineering technology at Southern. “Invest the 18 hours and learn how to identify, analyze, and solve problems using appropriate methodologies and tools.”

The minor in continuous process improvement prepares students to apply for positions which have continuous improvement aspects. Job titles include continuous improvement coordinator, improvement specialist, continuous improvement analysis and many more.

Since Southern began offering the minor, a few students have pursued it. Jim Tucker, senior, marketing and business management is one of them.

“My statistical quality control instructor, Dr. Elke Howe, inspired me to consider the minor as well as a Six Sigma Green or black belt certification,” Tucker said. “I currently participate in many continuous improvement activities at work and it really interests me, so I did a bit of research on the internet into the field and it seems to be very needed in both products and services.”

“The courses in the continuous process improvement minor teach students just that: best business for process improvements,” Howe said.

“I will utilize my education to allow me to move into higher levels of management and gain further experience and leadership along the way,” Tucker stated.

Students interested in this minor may visit with Howe in T153, Ummel Technology Center.